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History: HIS301Y/LALS303/REL314 - The Spanish Inquisition

Suggested resources for the broad study of global history, from pre-modern periods to the present.

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Is it scholarly?

Look at the examples below. Are they scholarly or not -- and how do you know?

More Primary Source Research Resources on the Spanish Inquisition

Primary source databases from Spain's national archives:

Images and art on the Spanish Inquisition:

Additional Research Guides

HIST301/LALS303/REL314 - The Spanish Inquisition - Oct. 24 Session

Getting started with a topic in the Spanish Inquisition

Reference sources to gain an overview and context to the Spanish Inquisition:

Finding Books on the Spanish Inquisition

Searching for books:

In History, books (also called academic monographs) are vital to scholarly conversation and historical research as they offer in-depth exploration, authoritative scholarship, and the preservation of knowledge. History relies on books more than many other disciplines due to its emphasis on primary sources and in-depth analysis. Books provide comprehensive context, peer-reviewed scholarship, and enduring contributions, essential for preserving historical knowledge and enabling historians to interpret and analyze the past in detail.

Relevant subject headings:

Any of these subjects can be combined in a LibrarySearch Advanced Search with Subject: sources OR correspondence OR narratives to locate primary sources in published form.

The same subject headings work in WorldCat, HathiTrust, and Handbook of Latin American Studies, which will expand your search beyond Colby, Bowdoin and Bates.

Finding Secondary Sources and using Article indexes on the Spanish Inquisition

Peer-reviewed journals and scholarly article indexes:

Published Primary Sources on The Spanish Inquisition