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CSE Citation Style

General Considerations for a CSE Bibliography

CSE Bibliographies

(CSE 8th; 29.3)

A CSE bibliography is a complete list of sources cited within the text, tables and figures that make up a document.

The order of citations in a bibliography list is determined by the choice of in-text reference style (i.e. Name-Year, Citation-Sequence, or Citation-Name; CSE 8th; 29.3.3). For information regarding the construction of bibliography citations for specific types of materials (e.g. books, journals, web sources, etc.), please refer to the respective sections of this style guide.

Name-Year (CSE 8th; 29.3.3 and

End References (aka the bibliography) are organized alphabetically by surname of the first author. For multiple references with the with a first author of the same surname, reference order follows a letter-by-letter comparison of the first initials of the first authors and then, if necessary, the surnames and first initials of subsequent authors .

Citation-Sequence (CSE 8th; 29.3.3 and

End References (aka the bibliography) are numbered and listed sequentially based on order of first appearance in the text.

Citation-Name (CSE 8th;

The Citation-Name style is the least used of the three CSE In-Text citation options. In this style, after finalizing the complete list of End References (aka the bibliography), this list is alphabetized by first author surname and then numbered sequentially.

In-Text citations are then indicated throughout the text body using superscripted numbers corresponding to this alphabetized list.