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What is ILL?

ILL stands for InterLibrary Loan. If our library does not have an item, we should be able to get it for you by borrowing it from another library. The item could come from Bowdoin or Colby, from another Maine library, or a library outside of Maine. When your item arrives, you will receive an e-mail that you can pick up the item from Ladd Library. The ILL services are provided to you for FREE! Please note that items coming from other libraries may have different loan periods/due dates than items owned by Ladd Library.

You can manage your Bates library account by logging into Bates LibrarySearch using the Sign In icon located on the upper right of the screen. Once signed in you can...

  • See items you have checked out
  • See items you have requested
  • Renew materials
  • Save searches and search results

If you have done an ILLiad request, you will need to log into ILLiad to see information about item(s) you have requested using ILLiad.

Interlibrary Loan Options

For books, DVDs/videos, sound recordings, etc.


Request it yourself from Colby or Bowdoin via our shared catalog (2-3 days)


Request it yourself from a state of Maine partner; includes CBB (2-5 days)

If it's not available via CBB or MaineCat:


Submit an ILL request and let us track it down for you (3-10 days)

For journal articles or book chapters

Bates LibrarySearch--Journal Titles

First check our journal title search to see if we subscribe

If we don't subscribe in print or electronic:


Submit an interlibrary loan request and let us track it down for you (1-5 days)

CBB Request

If you are searching in our catalog and find an item you'd like, but it is owned by Bowdoin or Colby (with whom we share a catalog as we are a library consortium), follow the CBB Request link in the How to get it section of the item's search result display.

Please note, that you need to sign in to Bates LibrarySearch to see full search results (some databases will only show results if you are signed in). If you have requested an item that is available at Bates, your request will be cancelled.

MaineCat Request

If none of the CBB colleges own the item, but another participating Maine library does, you will be able to request the item from MaineCat (Maine's catalog of items held by many libraries in Maine). If the item you're looking for is in LibrarySearch, but not available at Ladd Library, in the LibrarySearch search results list, you'll see a "Check for request options" link. Additionally, whether or not the item you're looking for is in LibrarySearch, under "Refine you results" there's an option to repeat the search in MaineCat (as well as WorldCat and Google Scholar). Clicking on that MaineCat link will bring you to MaineCat's search results for your search term. In LibrarySearch,clicking on the "Check for request options" link, or a specific search result with that link, will show the ways that item can be requested. If it can be requested via CBB, use that option. If there's not a CBB Request option, but there is a Request from MaineCat option, use that link to go to the matching items in MaineCat. From there, you can select the title you want, and complete the request by clicking "Request," (if in a results list) or "Request This Item" (if on a particular result/item), selecting Bates College as your home library, click "Submit above information," enter your name, and enter your library card number (the number on your Bates id), and clicking Submit.

Please note, you will not be able to request something Bates owns via MaineCat.

Bates ILL/ILLiad

If no one in CBB or MaineCat has the item you want, have no fear, Bates ILL is here! If applicable, click the Request via Interlibrary loan link under Links in the item's search result display. Log in to ILLiad using your Bates login (same as your Bates e-mail). For any physical item (book, CD, DVD, etc.) that you want to borrow, click "Book" (in the menu on the left under New Request). Fill in at least the three required fields. Put something in the required author field even if it's the performer (such as the singer if it's a CD request), company (such as Paramount or MGM for DVDs), etc. Click "Submit Request" at the bottom.