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Library Work Perks for Staff and Faculty


Do you have a hobby? We probably have a resource you could use. A simple search in our catalog could be helpful in finding the thing you need. We can also ILL the item for you. Don't know what ILL is...see our ILL page. 

For example, books on cooking and baking can be found on the ground floor in call number range TX 642-TX 840.

You can also search the Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center. This database offers detailed "how-to" instructions and creative ideas to meet the interests of virtually every hobbyist.


Planning a trip?

Travel guides can be found on the 2nd floor in call number ranges D-F. Search the catalog to find your destination.

Outdoor Activities



All art books can be found on the ground floor in call range number N (next to the scores)!

TR photography books are also on the ground floor.


Community Groups You Can Join!

Let us know of any local groups that Bates staff can join and we can make a list!