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Classical and Medieval Studies

Resources for the study of language, literature, history, art, and culture of the ancient Mediterranean world and Medieval Europe.

How to Get Started in CMS Research

Classical and Medieval Studies encompasses a vast range of topics, including literature, history, art, philosophy, and more. Narrowing down your keywords to a specific time period, region, or theme will be helpful. Consider questions that explore historical events, cultural developments, literary analyses, or interdisciplinary connections. These are some different types of resources you might find useful:

  • Reference Materials, such as encyclopedias, to get an introductory overview of a primary source or topic.
  • Primary Sources, or direct historical documents or artifacts from the Classical or Medieval era. They provide firsthand insights into the culture, society, and events of the time, aiding scholars in understanding and reconstructing these periods.
  • Dive into specialized Subject-Specific Databases, such as Article Indexes and Bibliographies, to find peer-reviewed articles and secondary sources in CMS will also be helpful.
  • Documentaries and Films can also be excellent places to find research and learn about CMS.

Reference Materials in CMS

Reference materials, such as encyclopedias and bibliographies, can be used to gain background knowledge on a topic, find specific information, and identify other sources of information. These are specialized reference resources and e-books that are written specifically for research in CMS.

Primary Sources

Subject-Specific Databases in CMS

Subject-specific databases are designed for research on a particular subject, includiing article indexes. An article index is a searchable database that helps you find relevant articles and scholarly sources for your research. While an article index doesn't always provide the full text of the articles themselves, it helps you identify relevant articles and citations for further exploration. Once you find an article of interest in the index, you can usually access the full text by following links to the publication or using the citation to request access through InterLibrary Loan (ILLiad) using your Bates login.

New Books in Classical and Medieval Studies