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APA Citation Style

APA Style is preferred style of documentation for psychology and is frequently used in other social sciences.

Motion Pictures

Lastname, F. M. (Producer) & Lastname, F. M. (Director). (Year) This is the title of the movie: The movie [Motion picture]. Country of Origin: Studio.

Coen, E. (Producer) & Coen, J. (Director). (1998) The big Lebowski [Motion picture]. United States: Universal Studios.

Episode in a television or radio series

Lastname, F. M. (Writer), & Lastname, F. M. (Director). (Year). Title of episode [Television series episode]. In C. C. Producer (Executive Producer), Television series name. Retrieved from http://xxxxx

Schiff, S., Wilson, T.S. (Writers) & Bernstein, A. (Director). (2015). One day in the life of Anton Baklanov [Television series episode]. In J. Fields, D. Sackheim, & J. Weisberg (Executive Producers), The Americans. Retrieved from Amazon Prime Video.