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Sociology: SOC 405 - Senior Capstone in Sociology

Article Indexes

Top Five Things You Should Know About the Library

What would you do if Bates Library doesn't have an article online or in print?
Give up.: 8 votes (7.21%)
Buy it online.: 3 votes (2.7%)
Ask Christine to buy it.: 15 votes (13.51%)
Request it via interlibrary loan.: 85 votes (76.58%)
Total Votes: 111
Which of the following is a journal article database specific to sociology and available to Bates students?
Sociological Abstracts: 3 votes (2.42%)
SocIndex: 38 votes (30.65%)
Scopus: 3 votes (2.42%)
JSTOR: 6 votes (4.84%)
Google Scholar: 15 votes (12.1%)
.All of the above: 59 votes (47.58%)
Total Votes: 124
Every news source you could possibly need you can find with Google.
True: 4 votes (17.39%)
False: 19 votes (82.61%)
Total Votes: 23
You found a great article in one of our databases. What would you do to save it for later?
Email yourself the PDF from the database.: 20 votes (55.56%)
Paste the URL where you found the article into a Google Doc.: 12 votes (33.33%)
Export the citation to EndNote.: 3 votes (8.33%)
Write it down in a notebook.: 1 votes (2.78%)
Total Votes: 36
You need data for a quantitative analysis. What could you do to obtain data?
Collect my own data. That is the only legitimate choice.: 0 votes (0%)
Google my topic plus the word "data.": 2 votes (2.78%)
Ask Christine to buy some data for me.: 40 votes (55.56%)
Look online for datasets used in previous studies.: 30 votes (41.67%)
Total Votes: 72
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Christine Murray
Ladd Library 132
(207) 786-6268

I am usually at the Research Desk Mon. 10-1, Tues. 6-9, and Thurs. 1-4