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MLA Citation Style

This guide provides examples for the Modern Language Association (MLA) style guide rules on citations and bibliographies.

Scriptural Texts

As with other printed works, you should cite the specific edition of Scripture you consulted. General terms like Bible, Talmud, or Koran are not italicized, but a specific version title is. The in-text citation should point to the book, section, or division and line number, not the page number of the text.

Title of the Book: Plus a Subtitle. Contributor or Editor Firstname Lastname, Publisher, Year of Publication.

The Jerusalem Bible: A Reader's Edition. General Editor, Alexander Jones, Doubleday, 2000.

A Translated Text

Title of the Book: Plus a Subtitle. Translated by Firstname Lastname. Publisher, Year of Publication.

The Qu'ran. Translated by M.A. Abdel Haleem, Oxford UP, 2004.

Classical Works

Classical and Medieval works are not usually cited by page number, but should include line number, divisions, columns, etc.

Lastname, Firstname. Title of the Book: Plus a Subtitle. Edited/ Translated by Firstname Lastname, Publisher, Year of Publication.

Homer. The Iliad. Translated by Robert Fagles, Penguin Books, 1998.

Knox, Bernard. Notes. The Iliad. Written by Homer, translated by Robert Fagles, Penguin Books, 1998.

Lecture or Class Presentation

Lastname, Firstname. "Title of Presentation." Name of Specific Event. Name of Conference or Organizing Event, Date, Location

Bell, Christina. "It Takes a Village: Digital Scholarship in the Liberal Arts College." Starting From Scratch: Build You Digital Scholarship Center Program. American Library Association Annual Conference, 28 June 2015, Orlando Convention Center, Orlando, FL.

Federico, Sylvia. "Vikings, Monsters, and Others (Anglo-Saxon vs. Scandinavian Cultural Encounters)." Medieval Re-Enactment: The Battle of Maldon. Bates College, 5 May 2016.

Government Document

Any citation entry of a document from a government agency should begin with the name of the government, then the agency name, with any other organizational bodies between them. Names are arranged smallest to largest entity. U.S. Congressional publications should include the number and session of the Congress, and the identifying number of the publication. The MLA Handbook defers to the Chicago Manual of Style and The Bluebook for further details on managing government documents in citations. Both titles are available in the reference collection at Ladd Library. 

Name of Country or State, Name of Agency, Additional Agencies as needed. Title of the Report: Plus a Subtitle. Publisher, Year of Publication.

United States, Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control. Report to Congress on Traumatic Brain Injury Epidemiology and Rehabilitation. 2015.