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AMAV 288 - Visualizing Race: Organization Tips

Organizing Your Research


Keeping track of your searches and search strategies will help you organize your work.  It will also keep you sane!

Keep a running bibliography.  When you find and article or book, create a citation right away – even before you use the item.  It is a lot easier to toss things out later, than it is to figure out where you read something three weeks after the fact.  It also helps you avoid plagiarism.

Use EndNote.  It's free to you, and it is a powerful tool for both organization and productivity.  It formats your citations, stores papers for you.  If you want to know more, come to the library.  We will install it on your computer and chow you how to use it.

For help with citations, use the library guide to Citing Sources.  Although these cover the vast majority of questions, come to the library Research Services Desk for help with difficult questions.