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Biology 195N - Plant Hormones and Climate Change

Primary Article Searching Resources for Bio 195N

Use the Scopus Article Database for Finding Primary Research Articles:

Scopus is an article index that is like Google Search if it only searched scholarly journal articles.

Try Searching for Review Articles:

A review article is generally an extensive review of the literature which summarizes what is known about a specific area of research or discipline. Sometimes reading all or part of a review article can help you come up to speed quickly about the state of an area of research when the article was published.

Try Searching in a Single Journal:

If Bates has access to a specific journal, you can search within it very easily!

  1. From the Ladd Library home page, select the "Journals by Title" link beneath the Library Search box.
  2. On the resulting new page enter the title or ISSN of the journal you want to search.
  3. Select your desired journal from the search results and then use the "Search Inside" box to search for articles within the journal.