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Social Media as Data: Resources

Capturing Tweets with NCapture and Nvivo

You can use the NCapture Chrome plug-in to download tweets from the previous seven days, to be analyzed with NVivo. This requires:

  • a Twitter account
  • Chrome web browser
  • NVivo software


  1. In Chrome, install the NCapture extension from the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Still in Chrome, go to the Twitter Advanced Search ( and search for the desired tweets.
  3. In the upper right corner of Chrome, look for the NCapture logo. You may have to click on the puzzle piece icon to see all of your extensions.
  4. After you've accepted the license agreement, select the Tweet as Dataset button and click Capture.
  5. Authorize the app.  You may have to log in with your Twitter username and password.
  6. When the process has finished, you will find a file with a .ncvx file extension. This can be imported into NVivo using these instructions.


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