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FYS 557 - Learning Math Using Crafts, Coding, and Games

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Some Representative Articles About Learning Mathematics

Examination of Adaptation Components in Serious Games: A Systematic Review Study
Aydin, Muharrem, Hasan Karal, and Vasif Nabiyev
Education and Information Technologies, 2023, 28 (6): 6541–62.

Influence of Game Quests on Pupils’ Enjoyment and Goal-Pursuing in Math Learning
Chen, Zhi-Hong, Calvin C.Y Liao, Hercy N.H Cheng, Charles Y.C Yeh, and Tak-Wai Chan
Educational Technology & Society, 2012, 15 (2): 317–27.

Learning Math Through Coding and Learning Coding Through Math: Two Sides of the Same Coin
Mamolo, Ami, Diane Tepylo, Robyn Ruttenberg-Rozen, and Sheree Rodney
Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education, 2022, 22 (4): 974–85.

Books Available at Bates with Content About Learning Mathematics

Books Chapters Available at Bates with Content About Learning Mathematics

Students’ Experiences of Learning Mathematics Through Games Design
Gallear, Wayne, Petros Lameras, and Craig Stewart
In Internet of Things, Infrastructures and Mobile Applications, 2019, 547–58.

Math Puzzles as Learning Devices
Danesi, Marcel
In Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Math Cognition, 2019, p.141-153.

An Evaluation of Player Enjoyment in Game-Based Learning Arithmetic Drills via Racing Game
Zain, Nurul Hidayah Mat, Razuan Harmy Johar, Azlan Abdul Aziz, Aslina Baharum, Azizah Jaafar, and Anita Mohd Yasin
In Advances in Visual Informatics, 2017, 636–46.