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FYS 503 - Making Moral Minds

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Representative Journals and Journal Articles With Content Related to Moral Philosophy

Journals Available at Bates with Articles About Moral Philosophy

Some Representative Articles Related to Morality and Non-human Animals

Moral Hard‐Wiring and Moral Enhancement
Persson, Ingmar, and Julian Savulescu
Bioethics, 2017, 31 (4): 286–95.

Personhood and Neuroscience: Naturalizing or Nihilating?
Farah, Martha J., and Andrea S. Heberlein
American Journal of Bioethics, 2007, 7 (1): 37–48.

Contractualism and the Moral Status of Animals
Swanson, Jennifer
Between the Species, 2011, 14 (1): Article 1.

Books and Book Chapters Related to Moral Philosophy

Books Available at Bates with Content About Moral Philosophy

Books Chapters Available at Bates with Content About Moral Philosophy

Are Nonhuman Animals Persons?” In The Oxford Handbook of Animal Ethics

Tooley, Michael. 2011. Oxford University Press. Pages 332–370.

Humanizing Nonhumans: Ape Language Research as Critique of Metaphysics" In Language, Ethics and Animal Life
Segerdahl, Pär. 2014. Bloomsbury Academic & Professional. Pages 16-31.

"Overlapping Horizons of Meaning: A Deweyan Approach To the Moral Standing of Nonhuman Animals" In Animal Pragmatism
McKenna, Erin, and Andrew Light. 2004. Indiana University Press. Pages 63-85.