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World War II: Catastrophe and Transformation

A guide of resources and primary sources for EUHI 214 with Prof. Moodie.

Research Resources

This page holds many resources for assignments in EUHI 214. 

The left sidebar contains lists of primary source memoirs, organized in topical areas and by nationality. 

Below are resources for secondary source research, maps, and economic data.

Book Reviews

This page lists common sources of book reviews and will help you create a focused search for book reviews in LibrarySearch+. 


Economic Data

International Historical Statistics (IHS) series is a unique collection of statistics covering a wide range of economic and social issues. This series, produced under the distinguished editorship of Dr B.R. Mitchell, provides access to over 200 years of statistics taken from hundreds of disparate primary sources, including both official national and international abstracts. Three separate geographical regions are covered, each in a separate volume: Europe, the Americas and Africa, Asia and Oceania. Each volume follows the same easy-to-use format to facilitate comparative analysis, with statistics grouped according to ten standard headings: Population and Vital Statistics - Labour Force - Agriculture - Industry - External Trade - Transport and Communications - Finance - Prices - Education - National Accounts

Secondary Sources