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Chemistry 457

List of Chemistry Journals Available at Bates

Try Searching in a Single Journal:

If Bates has access to a specific journal, you can search within it very easily!

  1. From the Ladd Library home page, select the "Journals by Title" link beneath the Library Search box.
  2. On the resulting new page enter the title or ISSN of the journal you want to search.
  3. Select your desired journal from the search results and then use the "Search Inside" box to search for articles within the journal.

Chemistry Article Search Tools

American Chemical Society Style Guide

Ladd Library Thesis Lockers:

Thesis Research Worksheet:

This research worksheet can help you organize both your searches and their results.  To use this, you will need to make a personal copy.  And even if you don't use THIS sheet, it should give you a pretty solid idea about the kinds of things you will need to keep track of as you move through this project.

Backup Your Work to the Cloud!!!
Decide on a Thesis Format EARLY in the Process:

You will save yourself A LOT of work and hassle if you talk with your thesis adviser and decide on a structure for you thesis very early in the process.  The library provides an example of one possible structure you might follow.  You adviser might not like this format at all, but at the very least it gives you a concrete example to discuss.