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Chemistry 215 - Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry: Research

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Helpful Chem 215 Resources

Excerpts from " CHEM 215: Inorganic Chemistry Experimental Techniques Project":

Annotated Bibliography (a descriptive title and at least eight key references you will cite in your paper and presentation).
This will need to include things like:
  • Introduction to experimental technique
  • Introduction to research project (why is the question important?)
  • Broader applications of the technique (i.e. why was this technique chosen to address this question?)


Presentation Outline (i.e. Introduction and Methods Section of the report):

  • a brief history of the technique (1–2 slides)
  • a description of how the technique works
    • a schematic diagram (4–6 slides)
    • an example and explanation of the data we can acquire from this technique (1–2 slides)
    • an explanation of what kind of information this technique will tell us about inorganic materials (2–3 slides)
    • a brief introduction to the literature pieces (1–2 slides per piece)


Using EndNote with BibTeX Guide:

Click here to open EndNote with BibTeX Guide.

Helpful LaTeX Resources

Journal(s) of Particular Interest for Chemistry 215:

  • Journal of Chemical Education [J. Chem. Educ.: Full text available from 1924 to present]

Useful Resources in the Reference Stacks at Ladd Library:

Online WikiText with Supporting Content from UC Davis: