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Installing and Using The Zotero Connector

Zotero Connector Download

Importing citation information for a source is typically accomplished using the the Zotero Connector browser plugin.

The Zotero Connector plug-in is available for the Firefox, ChromeEdge, and Safari browsers.  The Zotero Connector for the Safari browser is bundled with Zotero and can be enabled from the Extensions pane in the Safari settings after installing Zotero. 
Zotero Connector for the Firefox, Chrome, Edge browsers can be downloaded from the

Adding Items to Your Zotero Library With The Connector

The Zotero Connector can be used to import citation information automatically from the following sources or item information:


More detailed instructions for creating Zotero library items using the Connector can be found at the Zotero Documentation Website

Adding Items to Your Library Using A Unique Identifier With The Zotero Desktop App

You can use unique item identifiers (i.e. ISBN, DOI, PubMed ID, arXiv ID, or ADS Bibcode) with the Zotero Desktop app to import citation information into your Zotero library.


More detailed descriptions for creating Zotero library items using unique identifiers can be found at the Zotero Website.

Export Citation Information From a Database

As a quick example of exporting citation information from a database, follow these steps to import citation information for items from LibrarySearch results:

  1. Perform your search (e.g. search for Dubliners AND "literary review")
  2. Select the result item(s) you want to create item records for in your Zotero library.  Note that the method of selecting items varies with different database search tools (e.g. JSTOR, PsycInfo, etc).

  1. Export the information for the selected items as an RIS file.


  1. Import the citation information for the selected sources into the Zotero desktop application by double clicking the new .ris file.


Manual Creation of Zotero Library Items

You can manually create a source item in your library from the Zotero Desktop app.

Step 1: Select the "New Item" icon from the Zotero Desktop app menu, then select the appropriate item type (e.g. Book, Journal Article, etc.).

Step 2: Enter the appropriate citation data for the new item.  Additions and changes are automatically saved to your Zotero library.

A more detailed description for creating Zotero library items using unique identifiers can be found at the Zotero Website.