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EACS 304 - Planetary Geology

EndNote: What is it?

  1. It's a citation management system that allows you to manually create or automatically import bibliographic information.
  2. It can be used for books, journal articles,electronic resources, newspapers, CDs, and DVDs.
  3. References can be organized (subject, project, etc.).
  4. Insert citations directly into a Microsoft Word document.
  5. Create bibliographies formatted to follow almost any modern style convention.
  6. It's available on all Bates computer lab machines.
  7. Your EndNote library can be synched with the EndNote Online web application, making it accessible from any internet connected browser.

EndNote on Your Office or Personal Computer

EndNote Desktop installers for Windows and Mac operating systems can be downloaded from the following locations:

The installers can be accessed from off campus with an internet connected computer.  You will need to provide your Bates username and password before the files are available to you.

To install the software, read through the following instructions once and then perform each step:

  1. Download the installer appropriate for your computer's operating system.  
  3. Close all instances of Microsoft Word on your computer.  This is important for installation of the EndNote "Cite-While-You-Write" (i.e. CWYW) plugin.
  5. Open the EndNote Desktop installer and install the application on your computer.
  7. Open Microsoft Word (if available on your computer) and confirm that the CWYW plugin was installed.

Get Help

For solutions to specific problems, please contact a Research Librarian.

  If a research librarian is unavailable, you may also :

  • Call EndNote Technical Support using their toll free number +1-800-336-4474 [Press 4].

    Phone support is available 9 AM to 8 PM Monday through Friday.

  • Submit an email technical support request via EndNote Community