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SOC 256: Social Movements: Resources

Researching Organizations in Social Movements

Organizations play an important role in social movements. Various sources provide information on organizations, including news sources, tax and financial records, reference works, as well as books and articles.

Finding Organizations

Organization Information - Current

From Organization Websites

Most organizations will have websites with the following items to look for:

  • Annual reports
    May contain important events, financial information, and a letter from the leadership.
  • Mission statements
    How the organization conceives of its mission.
  • Staff and directors
    Who is in charge.
  • History
    How the organization sees its history.

News Sources

Tax and Financial Information

This information will allow you to compare organizations according to the resources they have available.

Organization Information - Historical

Reference works

Encyclopedias and historical dictionaries can give overviews of the scope of a movement. Some are available online; some are in print in the Bates Reference section.

Scholarly articles

Books in the catalog

The following are book series on controversial social issues:

General Sources on Social Movements