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FYS 515 - Food Systems and Food Justice: Resources

Research resources


Which books are you allowed to check out as a Bates student?
Only books in Ladd Library: 0 votes (0%)
Books from Bates, Colby or Bowdoin libraries: 1 votes (3.57%)
Books from any library in Maine: 3 votes (10.71%)
Books from libraries around the world: 24 votes (85.71%)
Total Votes: 28
Where can you find out which books and articles are available through Ladd Library?
CBBcat: 10 votes (38.46%)
MaineCat: 0 votes (0%)
WorldCat: 0 votes (0%)
LibrarySearch+: 16 votes (61.54%)
Total Votes: 26
What should you do if you don't have the textbook for your course?
Beg: 1 votes (3.45%)
Borrow: 0 votes (0%)
Steal: 0 votes (0%)
Check the library for Course Reserves: 28 votes (96.55%)
Total Votes: 29
If you find a book in CBBcat, where do you click to get a copy it?
Bates Bookstacks: 0 votes (0%)
Send via Email: 0 votes (0%)
Add to My Lists: 0 votes (0%)
CBB Request: 12 votes (54.55%)
Search MaineCat: 10 votes (45.45%)
Total Votes: 22
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Christine Murray
Ladd Library 132
(207) 786-6268

I am usually at the Research Desk Mon. 10-1, Tues. 6-9, and Thurs. 1-4