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ENVR 417 - Community-Engaged Research in Environmental Studies: Resources

Technical reports, codes and ordinances, maps, data, and other resources for community-engaged projects.

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Christine Murray
Ladd Library 132
(207) 786-6268

I am usually at the Research Desk Mon. 10-1, Tues. 6-9, and Thurs. 1-4
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Pete Schlax
Ladd Library 133
(207) 786-8328

I am usually at the Research Desk Mon. 1-4, Wed. 6-9, and Thurs. 10-1

Previous research projects

Often, earlier Bates students have been interested in similar topics.

Technical reports

Technical reports are released prior to journal article publication and are frequently more detailed. Federal agencies frequently produce technical reports. The first step is to identify relevant agencies, and then explore their publications via their websites.

Or, try some of the resources listed below. 

News sources

Maps and data for land cover, land use, property, etc.


Laws, codes, ordinances, regulations and policies

Most local ordinances can be found on the website for that city's government.

Code libraries

Historic maps of Lewiston

Grant opportunities