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AMAN 125 - Critical Perspectives on Sport and Society: Resources

Article Indexes

How Do You Go Beyond Confirming What You Already Think Is True?

In groups, we will examine the following article:

Waldron, Jennifer J. and Christopher L. Kowalski. "Crossing the Line: Rites of Passage, Team Aspects, and Ambiguity of Hazing." Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport 80, no. 2 (2009): 291-302. 

Each group will apply one of these questions:

  1. Does the article seem to define values related to sports, and put that definition into a broader social or historical context? [Focus on introduction and "The Sport Ethic, Achievement Goal Theory, and Hazing"]
  2. Is the article describing athletes and team dynamics or offering prescriptions about how teams and athletes ought to be? [Focus on Results and Discussion]
  3. Does the author consider the ways that judgments about teams or values (by team participants as well as the author) might be informed by race, class, gender, or sexual identity biases? [Focus on Method and Results and Discussion]
  4. Does the article differentiate between how athletes and coaches talk about what they do and what they actually do, in practice? [Focus on Method and Results and Discussion]

Positive, negative, or what?

For the following, indicates whether they have a positive, neutral, or negative association in your mind.

Positive: 31 votes (72.09%)
Neutral: 3 votes (6.98%)
Negative: 9 votes (20.93%)
Total Votes: 43
Mental health
Positive: 32 votes (84.21%)
Neutral: 4 votes (10.53%)
Negative: 2 votes (5.26%)
Total Votes: 38
Mental illness
Positive: 3 votes (6.67%)
Neutral: 29 votes (64.44%)
Negative: 13 votes (28.89%)
Total Votes: 45
Positive: 14 votes (30.43%)
Neutral: 19 votes (41.3%)
Negative: 13 votes (28.26%)
Total Votes: 46
Positive: 1 votes (2.04%)
Neutral: 12 votes (24.49%)
Negative: 36 votes (73.47%)
Total Votes: 49
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