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Biology 195A - Marine Biology in a Changing Ocean: Getting Started with Research

Bio 195A Project Worksheet


Search for Primary Scientific Literature with Scopus

Marine Biology in a Changing Climate Library Resources

Try Searching in An Article Index:

An article index is like Google Search if it only searched journal articles.  Below you will find several article indexes that should help you find your primary scientific research article.

Try Searching in a Single Journal:

If Bates has access to a specific journal, you can search within it very easily!

  1. From the Ladd Library home page, select the "CBBcat" button.
  2. Select the "Journal Title" search button.
  3. Enter the title of the journal you want to search within and click the magnifying glass.
  4. Use the resulting search box to search within the specified journal.

A VERY Small Sample of Periodicals Accessible From Ladd Library:

Lists of relevant physical and electronic books related to marine biology are provided below to kick start your research.  To find things even more relevant to your specific interests, search the Bates library catalog.

Physical Books


Try Searching Across a Website:

Remember that you can use the Google Advanced Search to search across all the webpages in a website domain!

Potentially Useful Organizations and Web Sites Related to Marine Biology:

Potentially Useful Organizations/Websites for Taxonomy:

Climate Change Impact Information From the IPCC

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is an intergovernmental scientific body established to aggregate, review and publish scientific, technical and socio-economic information regarding climate change.  This information is frequently provided in the context of the local and global impact of that change.  You can learn more about the IPCC here.

Below you will find links the homepage for the IPCC site as well as to selected content provided therein.

  • Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Web Site
    This link will take you to the IPCC gateway.

A VERY Small Sample of Periodicals Accessible From Ladd Library:

Helpful Hint:

Want to know whether Bates subscribes to a journal?  You can perform a "Journal Title Search" from the CBBcat search on the Ladd Library home page.

Electronic Climate Change Books

In edition to the large number of physical books about climate change located in the Ladd Library stacks, you also have access to many more electronic books on the subject.  To see a complete list, search the Bates library catalog.  Several good examples are provided here: