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FYS 422 - Strangers in the House: Resources

Article Indexes

Course Text and Reserves

Assigned books back in your dorm room? Wondering whether the library reserve copy is available?

Comparing kinds of sources

Take a look at the following sources:

  1. Enticott, P. G., Fitzgibbon, B. M., Kennedy, H. A., Arnold, S. L., Elliot, D., Peachey, A., . . . Fitzgerald, P. B. (2014). A double-blind, randomized trial of deep repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) for autism spectrum disorder. Brain Stimulation, 7(2), 206-211. doi:10.1016/j.brs.2013.10.004
  2. Denworth, L. (2015, October 2). Autism's next wave. Newsweek Global, 165(12), 68-71.
  3. Oberman, L. (2016, March 25). Transcranial magnetic stimulation for autism: Evidence of benefit? [Blog post]. Retrieved from

Evaluate on:

  • Who wrote the article? What do you know about their credentials?
  • What is the publication that published this article? Who do you think is its intended audience? Who might read it and why?
  • What kinds of documentation/citation of evidence appear in the article?
  • How is the article structured? What kinds of headings do you see in the article?
  • What kinds of images appear in the article?
  • What kinds of quotations appear in the article?


  • Which fits the category of “research literature”?
  • Any of these articles could have a use. In what ways is the article you looked at useful? Why would you read one or the other?

Finding first-person accounts

First-person accounts may fall under the category of memoir, personal essay, interview, personal narrative or autobiography.


CBBCat Advanced Keyword Search can help you located first-person accounts published as books that we own. Click on some of the searches below to see the results. Note that first-person accounts are categorized as "biography," so not all results will actually be first-person, but many will be.

Articles in Magazines and Newspapers

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