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EndNote: Find Full Text

Find Full Text Caveats

Endnote's "Find Full Text" feature can be very helpful in taking some of the work out of attaching full text documents to citation data.  However, linking to content from the huge number of resources accessible from the Bates library site is frequently very complicated behind the scenes.  As a result, a significant amount of content that is actually accessible from Bates can't be retrieved from the "Find Full Text" feature.

Configuring "Find Full Text" only takes a few minutes and, when it works, you will see that it was well worth the effort.  Just know that sometimes you will still need to manually download and attach full text files to citations in your Endnote library.

Endnote "Find Full Text" Configuration

"Find Full Text" Configuration for Windows:

Note that linking to resources is a complicated and mystical thing.  Making the following changes will help automate PDF attachment about half the time.  However, you should be prepared to manually download and attach PDF files.

From the navigation bar at the top of the Endnote window, select Edit→Preferences→Find Full Text.

  1. Check all boxes (i.e. Web of Science Full Text, DOI, PubMed, Open URL Path and Automatically invoke Find Full Text).
  2. Enter OpenURL Path:
  3. Enter Authentication URL:
  4. Select the "OK" button.