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AVC321 - Representations of Gender, Labor, and Craft in the Mediterranean

Interdisciplinary research methods in art history, visual culture, human geography, and gender studies as you develop the AVC 321's collaborative class web platform. See this guide's menu for guided tips and resources for each of the components of your fi

Selected Books on Gender, Labor and the Mediterranean

Short Essays

The following will be your best bets in terms of databases that will have secondary research using the methodologies in art history, visual culture and gender studies related to this class.

A/V Contributions


These are good resources for quick, accessible definitions of terms.

List of Key Concepts and Theories

Additionally helpful to creating your glossary, these are some resources that define key terms and concepts about feminized labor.

Image Gallery

These are some places to start looking for images. Make sure you have the right to re-use or share images, and please make sure to keep track of citation information of images.

Further Resources


To create your bibliography, make sure to use consistent citations.

Related Maps

These two databases would be good places to look for maps of the Mediterranean, especially historical maps. Many of these images are in the public domain.