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ANTH 101 - Cultural Anthropology: Sources

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Labadee, Haiti


What are the criteria or characteristics you look for when you decide whether a source is a good one for your paper?


Scenario: you are writing an anthropology paper on inequality and Labadee, Haiti. The following are some sources you have come across in your research. Which would you be most likely to refer to in your paper?

  1. Carroll, Rory. 2008. "Paradise and Razor Wire: Luxury Resort Helps Haiti Cling on to Tourist Trade: By Glossing Over its Location, Labadee has Kept Visitors and their Dollars Coming in." The Guardian, August 7, 2008. Global Newsstream. Full Text
  2. Murphy, Marie-Rose Romain. 2020. “For a long time, cruise ship Cos concealed the fact that #Labadie was in #Haiti.” Twitter, September 24, 2020.
  3. Royal Caribbean International. n.d. “Cruise to Labadee, Haiti.” Accessed September 30, 2021.
  4. Saarinen, Jarkko, and Sandra Wall-Reinius. 2019. "Enclaves in Tourism: Producing and Governing Exclusive Spaces for Tourism." Tourism Geographies 21 (5): 739-748. Full Text


Use this poll to rank the sources above according to how likely you would be to cite in a paper.

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