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FYS 236 - Epidemics: Past, Present, and Future: Getting Started with Research

Professor Paula Schlax


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This search widget is very similar to the LibrarySearch+ option on the library home page.  However, this is configured to find biologically focused content.  After you start a search here, you can easily remove these discipline restrictions.

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Resources for Epidemics: Past, Present, and Future

Some good places to start your searches:

The websites listed below contain some fantastic information about the infectious diseases you are learning about.  The sites also contain some solid information about the researches that worked to help those infected and to prevent future outbreaks.

A lot of old stuff has been digitized and put on the web:

Several large national projects have taken it upon themselves to digitize and curate older materials that are no longer subject to U.S. copyright.  Many of these "public domain" resources are freely available on the web.  Below, you will find links to three of the heavy hitters.

Some of the extensive and searchable newspaper collections available at Bates:

Below are links to examples of several of the extensive and searchable newspaper collections available at Bates.

Recall that you can find even more from the "Online Collections" button on the library home page.  Just select "Online Collections", "Browse by Type", and then "News and Newspapers".

Some Tips for Evaluating Web Resources:

Trying to decide whether or not that "perfect" website is either solid gold or just fools gold?  These tips can help you evaluate!

Ladd Library OneSheets:

Looking for quick start guides for some of the Library's most used resources?  Maybe a OneSheet will do the trick.

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